But isn’t it pretty here? This may be my last post depending upon how long it takes to send this with the satellite wifi here. I…gulp…have no 3G service here!


Road Food

I refuse to be in a hurry to get to Yosemite. Thus, I’m doing something I never do on travel days–I’m eating. Yay!

Where am I?

Crazy Weather Post 2: Tea Garden

Seriously. It could not be more beautiful out. And it was just rainy and foggy. I passed palm trees on my way here. This city is like a biodome. Wild.

Crazy Weather Post One: Land’s End

I was here less than fifteen minutes ago. See next post for current weather 3.8 miles away.

All Aboard!

The Napa Valley Wine Train; I keep thinking of The Big Bang Theory. Hooray for trains!

Good Morning

My first real breakfast of the trip. Which is silly because I’m having lunch in three hours but whatever. Looks and smells great. Thank you Napa Valley Marriott!