Monthly Archives: December 2010

Test Post–Lunch!

A good time to blog when traveling is during meal times. I love eating in nice restaurants alone when I’m traveling solo–or even when I’m just down the street. While some people feel uncomfortable being waited on when alone, I prefer it. It gives me a chance to rest, check my email, and write.

Today’s adventure is not really a trip–I’m only 20 minutes from home doing some trip-related research. But I am having lunch!


Welcome to Virtual Passenger

Thanks for visiting!  I’ve created this blog to enable me to bring people along with me on my travels.  Unless otherwise noted, all posts will be written from my iPhone whilst actually traveling.  Because of this, please excuse any typos or formatting errors.

When I’m not actively traveling, I post about all things travel-related on my other blog, Blog on the Run.  Feel free to visit to read about my past and future adventures!