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The Best Part of Being Home

Yet another bonus of solo travel–there’s always something…er, someone… to look forward to when you return!


The Worst Part of Being Home


I just had the most disgusting sandwich ever–a ‘chicken’ fajita wrap from the ‘gourmet’ deli in the airport. It was quicker than eating at the Outback, and cheaper too. But it was a really bad choice. I’m pretty sure it was made from canned chicken. I managed to get through half of it by focusing only on the cheese and lettuce.

I kind of want to be sick.

The night we spent at the Yotel in Gatwick airport in London, we hit the terminal’s Marks and Spencer. I enjoyed a bottle of wine and chocolate mousse before falling asleep. US airports need similar options.

Or at least chicken not from a can. Blech! Would brushing my teeth in an airport restroom be gross? I fear it may.

One hour to take off–thank goodness!

50 Minutes

From resort to airport–not bad! Now all that has to happen is for my plane to take off and land on time–despite the bad weather at home–and I will have had a completely positive transportation experience for this entire trip.

I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

Backpacking–It’s Not Just for Europe

I don’t know what people with giant luggage do at these sprawling Disney resorts. Here’s me walking to El Centro this morning to check out and catch the bus I’m currently sitting on…

Note my most amazing travel item, the Kelty Redwing 2650. Slightly larger than a standard school backpack and with an internal frame and removable waist strap, this is the only piece if luggage I will ever use. And it came in quite handy this morning. (there’s a better pic of the backpack in one of my first posts–I think the subject line was ‘Packed’.)

While the Great Europe Trip of 2010 may have sucked in several ways (though of course there were good parts–great parts even), one of the best things I got out of that trip was learning how to travel light. I’ll never check another bag, or drag a wheeled bag to my room…though I am contemplating bringing my hair straightener next trip!


On the Magical Express to the airport. It sure seems less magical in this direction!

Grand Total

Ok–so how much did this research trip cost me? With absolutely everything–room, flight, food, alcohol (including two meals for two and two of us drinking around the world the other night)…$1,329.71.

I’m not sure if that is good or bad. It is $329.71 more than I’d hoped, but oh well. I also wasn’t very thrifty or thoughtful about my spending.

I’ll do a more detailed cost breakdown as a thread on the passporter forums later this week.

In other news–why don’t more people do online check in? Here’s the line right now for regular check in…

Aaack! What a way to start a vacation!

Fortunately I signed up for express check out, so all I needed to do was have the concierge print me out a bill after she printed out my boarding pass. It took a while for me to determine that I actually didn’t need to stand in the airline check in line (because I have no checked luggage) or in the check out line (because I already provided payment info online before I left) but given the craziness of the lobby right now, I’m eternally grateful that I figured it out!