Great Time!

Forgive the formatting, as this is copy pasted from my notes app. Here are the official transportation times…

8:06 on the ground
8:21 off plane
8:38 on DME
8:47 leaving MCO!
9:17 CSR
9:30 checked in and have sandwich and open bottle of wine!
9:37 in room (with wine and sandwich)

So…in summary…57 minutes from stepping off the plane to arrival at resort on DME. That’s amazing, even to super picky me. One hour and 31 minutes from plane touch down to inside of room, with a restroom and food procurement stop.

Thus, the verdict is–DME is both magical and express!

I could not be happier.


2 responses to “Great Time!

  1. Wow, those are some amazing times. Well done.
    Hopefully you will continue to have limited waits and speedy travel for the rest of your trip. Good luck and have fun, and thanks for taking us on this journey with you.

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