Letting Go

There are two things I decided to forego today, in the interest of getting some good research done today–and not driving myself mad on day one.

The first was pin trading. I really wanted to try it out for two reasons–first, obviously, to be able to write about ‘first time pin trading’. Second, so I’d be able to introduce my mother to it when we return together in may. It will have to wait for another day, as I’m on the bus and my lanyard is at home. Though I did bring a few spares to give out to any deserving kids I may meet.

The second was an attempt to include myself in my photos using my iPhone monopod. It got me in trouble at the airport, so I thought it best to avoid Amy concern at park security. It is back in my room with my lanyard. Thus, no pictures I post today will include me.

But don’t worry–they will include food!

Speaking of which–what time does the dole whip stand open?


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