Written From Somewhere Over Virginia

Some of you may be thinking that I’m really brave, traveling on my own. Well, truth be told–I’m not. I freaked out all day thinking about this trip, and I cried when my husband dropped me off at the airport.

Last time I flew without him I cried too–but on that trip I was to be gone for a much longer time. I thought the shortness of this trip would prevent the tears. No such luck.

But now I’m in the air, on my way to what I hope will be the first of many trips of a shared purpose–research for my writing.

That’s yet another reason to be nervous. I’ve been traveling and writing about it for years, but this is the first trip where I’m traveling with the sole purpose of researching for my writing. To continue with the honesty theme of this post–I’m afraid that I won’t do a very good job. I guess we shall see…


2 responses to “Written From Somewhere Over Virginia

  1. Nah … I cry whenever I’m going to be apart from my hub for a couple of days. It’s weird to be apart from him!

    You are going to be FABULOUS!

    • Thanks! See–this is why I love blogging. You just made me feel much better…and I have something to do whilst I’m transported to my hotel!

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