Then End of the Line

Or is it the beginning. It certainly was ‘the end of the line’ if I’m referring to te epic journey from rope drop to Soarin. But I’m pretty sure it was also the beginning, as I rode the first ride of the day.

Did I like it? Yes. Was it a little stomach-dropping at times–yes. But I knew this about myself. IMAX movies make me dizzy. Roller coasters I’m fine with–IMAX movies not so much.

I have a fast pass that ‘matures’ in under an hour, so I will ride again. I have just one question–do they pay attention to the second time on Soarin fast passes? They don’t anywhere else in The World. Input anyone? Because I’d like to get a second one as soon as the one I have is ready, and save them both for when my friend gets here at 3.


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