What am I Doing Here?

As I wait for my current fastpass to mature, I thought I’d share this with those of you who are wondering why I’m here all by myself. The easiest way for me to explain–given that I’m typing this with my thumbs in the middle of a theme park–is to share this link:


It links you to a guest blog post I wrote–which means it is not on a blog I ‘own’, but it is written by me. It is also written about me. So if you’re wondering and bored, check it out.

Now–off to Soarin take two. I turned off the part of my brain that does research (not an easy task) the first time, so I need a second trip.


One response to “What am I Doing Here?

  1. I’m so jealous! I LOVE Soarin! Go a 3rd time–once for me! 🙂

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