Here’s the Thing

I think I’ve forgotten the point of this trip. Well, there were multiple points. Point one was to make sure the plan I have for my book is possible. This involves going to all of the parks, many of the hotels, and as many restaurants as possible and taking some notes.

I think I’m doing rather well on that front. I have a good grasp of what I need to change in my outline, and I am confident there is more than enough material for a book.

The other purpose was to get enough information for one whole chapter–the sample chapter for my proposal. I’ve decided that chapter will be the magic kingdom chapter.

What I’m not supposed to be doing is researching the entire book. Why not? Because that is literally impossible in the time I have. Yet that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

So, what I need is someone to tell me it is ok to leave Animal Kingdom early–soon–right after the show I’m waiting for. And it’s ok to go back to the hotel and chill out for a bit. Maybe take a nap. And then do some writing and planning to make sure I make the best use out of my last day tomorrow.

Someone please tell me it is ok to do that. Because really, I think it is the best plan–productive and sanity saving.



2 responses to “Here’s the Thing

  1. It is *totally* OK to do that! I always believe that a little rest is conducive to clear thinking (and writing). You don’t have to (and as you pointed out, *can’t*) do it all in one trip!

    • Thanks for the encouragement (and the tie in to my earlier fortune cookie message–yes, clear thinking is what I need!)
      I actually got your post just as I sat down on the bus headed back to the hotel.

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