Last Pic ‘o the Day

This is the last picture I took before my phone died entirely–a very yummy Napoleon that was to become my dinner.

I don’t know what is up with battery life and Disney. I even turn my phone on airplane mode to try and conserve it–yet it still dies. My friend who came to visit had a full battery when she arrived at 3pm–it was fully dead before 9.

I have many things to share about how leaving epcot at closing sucks, no matter what you do (I had a PLAN, man!) but it is late and I am tired. More tomorrow.

Speaking of which–the plan for tomorrow is Animal Kingdom. Here’s hoping it goes better than did getting home tonight!


2 responses to “Last Pic ‘o the Day

  1. Oh I am with you!! Leaving Epcot is the WORST. You’d think it wouldn’t be so bad because it has TWO exits instead of just one, but it’s still the absolute worst. No matter what your plan is, you have to be spry and willing to change it on the fly in order to get out of there in any kind of a timely fashion. And most of the time, it still takes too long to get “home” (unless you’re staying at the Beach Club).

  2. I absolutly agree with the unpleasentness of leaving epcot. After our ’08 trip, we make haste to get out before the mass exodus.
    That trip we stayed at “POP” and waited 8-9 buses to get on one to make it back to the resort. We were starting to think we’d still be there in the morning to be the first back in the gate.

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