Ok. I admit it. I need a break. I’m on my way back to the resort. I know I still have the option of going to epcot tonight–and I still may. But probably not. So tired.

The wait for the bus to CSR from Animal Kingdom was the longest I’ve encountered–13 minutes. Not bad. I may become a repeat CSR guest.

And, finally, as a thank you for following along today, here’s the lunch pic I didn’t post…

I had the tamarind chicken, and my friend had the honey chicken. I really enjoyed mine; while I didn’t taste hers, it also got a thumbs up.

Gee–now that I’m thinking about food, I kind of want to hit epcot tonight!

But first–to rest.


3 responses to “Uncle

  1. Have a great rest! Thanks again for all the posts (can you tell I love them?)!

    • Glad you are enjoying them! I’m currently torn between looking for a corkscrew for this bottle of wine I have and writing all evening or hopping on the bus to epcot. I think if hunger wasn’t an issue it would be writing and drinking hands down–but I need food and Epxot has it.

      It also has a very high crowd level tonight. Hmmm…

  2. The Pepper Market has food too, you know, and it’s a lot closer (and probably less crowded) than Epcot. 🙂

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