Know Thyself

Ok. So I was cranky for a while. Here’s why–I’ve been working on learning how to admit what I need to make myself happy. It’s been going well. So tonight, when I decided to skip epcot, I did so because I knew what I needed–crappy tv, some personal space, and some wine. Dinner was also on the list, but not at the top.

I became cranky when my seemingly simple needs became darn near impossible to fulfill.

But, lo and behold, when you pray to Mickey, your prayers will be answered. Behold…

Wine, my netbook, and Wheel of Fortune.

I am confident that given all of the above, I will have a restful yet productive evening, and wake up refreshed and ready for my last day of park research.

The plan for tomorrow–early morning at Hollywood Studios, and then on to the Magic Kingdom to tie up the loose ends I’m hoping to start discovering right…now.

PS–for those of you interested in food pics, I have big plans for tomorrow!


One response to “Know Thyself

  1. Good for you!! You have to know your limits. It took me too long to admit that in December, and I had one cranky day and one total melt down before I started insisting on an afternoon nap. Once I instituted that policy, things went much more smoothly. And I enjoyed myself more.

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