Saturation Point

I think I’ve reached my theme park saturation point. I was just cut off 3 people away from starting the studio backlot tour. The posted wait time was 5 minutes, I’ve been standing here for 10, was told that the next one doesn’t even start for 10 minutes and it is a 40 minute tour.

Which means I will miss the Indiana Jones show at 11:30. And I can’t stay much past noon, as I have a whole list of research I still need to do in the magic kingdom.

Which means I’m annoyed.

When I come down to do the full-on, weeks long research trip, I think I will need to limit myself to four attractions per day. I need google and a calculator to figure out how many days I’ll need in total.


One response to “Saturation Point

  1. The wait for Studio Backlot Tour is always longer than it says. That ride is a LIAR.

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