Goodbye Room

Did I love Coronado Springs? No. Am I sad I’m leaving? No. But did I hate it? Also no.

The bus service was really good. The grounds are beautiful. It was huge–too huge (but I knew that), less clean than I’d like, and very poorly soundproofed. However, it was oddly empty most of the time, and my room was very well located, as is the resort itself. The bus ride to three of the four parks was less than 10 minutes. Overall, on a sale of 1-10, I’d give it a 6.5.

Would I come back? Possibly. For the price, I’d rather stay at the Dolphin–but that’s because I like hotels like that–everything all under one roof. Plus, I love Epcot so much, and particularly the world showcase, that staying in that area just makes sense.

The next time I visit, I’ll be at Animal Kingdom Lodge. But more on that in exactly two months.


2 responses to “Goodbye Room

  1. Can’t wait for your next trip! I subscribed to the blog, so the posts are coming right to my email now–much easier to follow!

    • Thanks for subscribing! I just realized that today is the 6th, an we fly out on our mother daughter trip on May 6th.

      Just a heads up–I’ll likely be using this blog to post about shorter travels in between now and May. I’m going to NYC at some point, and to Philly next weekend. Possibly DC over Easter. Now that the blog exists, I won’t be leaving home without it!

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