Grand Total

Ok–so how much did this research trip cost me? With absolutely everything–room, flight, food, alcohol (including two meals for two and two of us drinking around the world the other night)…$1,329.71.

I’m not sure if that is good or bad. It is $329.71 more than I’d hoped, but oh well. I also wasn’t very thrifty or thoughtful about my spending.

I’ll do a more detailed cost breakdown as a thread on the passporter forums later this week.

In other news–why don’t more people do online check in? Here’s the line right now for regular check in…

Aaack! What a way to start a vacation!

Fortunately I signed up for express check out, so all I needed to do was have the concierge print me out a bill after she printed out my boarding pass. It took a while for me to determine that I actually didn’t need to stand in the airline check in line (because I have no checked luggage) or in the check out line (because I already provided payment info online before I left) but given the craziness of the lobby right now, I’m eternally grateful that I figured it out!


One response to “Grand Total

  1. Not terrible costs, but not great. Can’t wait to read the break down. I’m sure it’ll be enlightening for you and us!!

    Seems like a crazy lot of people checking in at 11am on a Sunday!

    Safe travels home!!

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