My one complaint about Air Tran is the schedule. There is one flight per day to and one per day from my home airport. The return trip–the one I’m taking today–is always mid afternoon.

Mid afternoon is a stupid time to leave Disney. I have to be on the bus to the airport at 11:30am. That’s three hours from now, which is not enough time to do anything, but too much time to do nothing.

But nothing is what I’m going to have to do. I contemplated hitting rope drop at Animal Kingdom just to ride Everest three or six time quickly, and then getting right back on the bus to the resort, but that’s cutting it a little too close for comfort. Plus my legs and feet hurt so much from four days of non stop walking, I suppose I could use the rest.


3 responses to “Timing

  1. Maybe you could wander around and document some of CSR. That could be educational…the different types of buildings, the Mayan “ruin” in the pool, I know the lobby has beautiful details. That’s what I usually do if I have time to kill. 😉

  2. usually on the last morning we’re toooooo tired to even think about making it to rope drop!

    find one of those hammocks and relax. you deserve it!

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