Monthly Archives: April 2011

Long Day

I so deserve this drink…

Awaiting my husband and our much later dinner reservations.

As our dinner was both so good an so expensive last night, we’re counting that as our big night out. So we cancelled our reservations at The Modern–which I’m sad about. But instead we’re going for Indian at Amma, which I’m happy about.

I’m also completely exhausted and needing to drink this wine with both hands so…


The Roosevelt Hotel

This is what a New York City hotel should look like.

Conference so Far

After two sessions I can honestly say…damn this is discouraging.

Here’s hoping it improves–or I come up with a better life plan. To be fair, the sessions were great–for people who aren’t me, that have more marketable ideas and a lot of experience.

So Early It’s Not Even Bright

Well, I’m up and dressed and ready to go. I’m on my way to the conference that is the point of this trip. Here’s hoping it goes well.

For the record, I’m one of those people who loves conferences–so I have high hopes.


I’m sorry New York. I used to hate you. I was wrong. You are awesome.

In fact, the only thing wrong with you is that my iPhone doesn’t really work…in…you (can anyone else come up with a better way to say that?)

I’d like to upload some photos, but I’m tired and have to get up early. So I’ll leave you with my most favorite…

And no, I have no idea what or why it is. But there was a cop guarding it.

Why so few posts?

Because AT&T doesn’t work in the city.

But here’s a pic–the rooftop of the Met…

Managed to get a cab at 5:00 on a Friday. Having happy hour on Broadway.


I’ve been wanting to see the Met since I learned it existed in the 6th grade.

My husband said he likes it better than the National Gallery. I asked–ours or London’s? Ours. Though he did say it is like London’s National Gallery and te British Museum had a baby. Yay!