Long Day

I so deserve this drink…

Awaiting my husband and our much later dinner reservations.

As our dinner was both so good an so expensive last night, we’re counting that as our big night out. So we cancelled our reservations at The Modern–which I’m sad about. But instead we’re going for Indian at Amma, which I’m happy about.

I’m also completely exhausted and needing to drink this wine with both hands so…


3 responses to “Long Day

  1. LOL @ double fisting your wine. 🙂

    Your hair looks super pretty like that!

  2. That glass of wine looks gigantic!!! Forced perspective perhaps?!?! Enjoy!

    • No, it actually was gigantic! I ordered a second and ended up taking it back to the room and never finishing it. There was almost a half bottle of wine in there. And it was happy hour, so it was $4.75!!!! (which is why I ordered number two)

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