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The Last Photo

I took over 800 pictures this week! Here’s one of the last….

We are so sad to be leaving! And he’s annoyed that I’m taking yet another pic!


The Saddest View

Packed and waiting to leave…


So…we set the alarm for 6am so we could sneak in a little bit more Harry Potter world before our car to the airport arrived at noon. And then we turned the alarm off and slept until 8:30.

I feel kind of badly about it, but really, between this trip and NYC two weekends ago, I’ve not slept past 6:30 since Easter. And I’m so very exhausted!

So now all that’s left of our vacation is waiting and travel. I’m sad but not at the same time. I miss my house (and dogs and, yes, my computer!) But I super don’t miss my job–and of course I have to go there tomorrow.

Plus, this is the first time in over a year when I don’t have a next trip planned. I have nothing pegged on my travel cork board–no hotel reservations, no flight confirmation numbers–nothing. It is…unsettling.

Of course I can fix that by going home and finally planning our summer vacation. We’re thinking cruise road trip combo, and possibly some time spent back here, but with my husband’s family.

And then there is my next NYC trip, which is in nine days. Though that doesn’t count, as I’ll be commuting. I’ll still be blogging about it, so if you are in hearing about Book Expo America, tune in on May 24th!

I’m going to start packing my backpack now…sigh…

Love this Resort

Post dinner drinks at The Thirsty Fish, complete with live music. Much like the Terminator, we will be back.

Dinner at Bice–The Husband’s Meal

Osso bucco…

Dinner at Bice–Mine

Sea Bass…

The Doug Pic

See? Isn’t he cute? Why would he not like having his photo taken???