Posting Problems

As I’ve already explained, the reason I didn’t post more often from NYC is because 1.  AT&T sucks in the city and 2.  I was so insanely busy the whole time.  Though to be honest, it was mostly #1.

If you were trying to follow me but were discouraged, fear not!  I’ve posted brief summaries of my mini-trip on my traditional travel blog, Blog on the Run.  You can find a description of our day at the Met HERE, and a description of my conference experience HERE.  If you are interested in my revelation of how NYC is actually quite awesome, click HERE.

Two more things…

Thing one:  Please excuse any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors on this blog.  They bother me, too.  But as this blog has been written entirely on my iPhone on street corners and and in amusement park attraction lines, typos will happen.  In fact, this post is the only post I’ve posted so far that has not been written on my phone.

Thing two:  I’m leaving for Orlando on Friday and will be posting from Walt Disney World (again) and Universal Orlando (for the first time).  Follow me, won’t you?


2 responses to “Posting Problems

  1. I will follow your trip until we leave for Disney on Monday!!! Maybe we will run into you!

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