8 May, 2011 03:07

Not having wifi is killing me. I’d be perfectly happy to pay for it if only there was somewhere to use it. In case you haven’t noticed by my lack of posts, typing with my thumbs sucks.

Plus I’ve been quite busy having fun.

Since I last posted anything of meaning, we:

1. Took the wrong bus from Epcot, causing much chaos to ensue. More when not thumb typing. Spoiler alert: the chaos was freaking hysterical.

2. Got a new room. This one isn’t so much a pool view as a ‘pool hear’, but at least we are away from that awful smoking section. We are both much happier now. More on ‘which rooms to choose at AKL’ later.

3. Did the Wanyama safari. It was fantastic. More later.

4. All of the afore mentioned hanging out with strangers whilst mom sleeps and buying of odd items in the gift shop.

I promise to link all of my soon to be written reviews and photos of everything to this blog. But really, an iPhone blog in Disney world works best as a series of posts comprised only of subject lines and photos. Stay tuned for many, many more of these types of posts.


2 responses to “8 May, 2011 03:07

  1. Can’t wait to read more. Photos and captions are all any of us could hope for–it’s all Rob and I managed when we were in WDW!

  2. Can’t wait to hear more about #1

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