We Found the Peace We Were Looking For

That really should be ‘the peace for which we were looking’, but oh well.

The peaceful place…

…sitting on the balcony at Kidani Lodge on rocking chairs with sangria. It is loud on our balcony at Jambo house–because of the pool. But here you can hear the bugs chirping.

And now my mom is making me tell her about DVC. I keep adding the phrase ‘time shares are never a good idea’–I don’t know if it is having an effect. Plus some DVC members were standing near us when I said it. I could tell they were DVC members by the dirty look they gave me!


4 responses to “We Found the Peace We Were Looking For

  1. Aw DVC isn’t like a time share. It’s way more awesome!

  2. We love our DVC membership…and we think it is a *very* good idea!

  3. I know–a woman came out on the balcony and my mom asked her about it. Her exact words were ‘it was the best thing we ever did’.

  4. Agree!! BEST thing we ever did, and we are so sorry we didn’t join 5 years before we did!! (Although then SSR wouldn’t be our home resort – or 1 of our 3 home resorts!).

    Didn’t get to check your blog over the weekend, so just catching up but looks like Mom is happy and having fun!! Glad you got away from the smoking lounge room!

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