She’s So Excited!

So…when we checked into our room, we found this…

…do you see where this is going?

My mom decided that instead of buying into DVC on this trip, she’d bring her husband here for a ‘regular’ trip sometime soon to be sure he likes it before she buys in. She is confident that he will.

I’m pretty confident that he will too, given what she planned. While I got ready for dinner tonight she called the number on the flyer and booked a room at the Grand Floridian for a week over her birthday in the fall–which happens to coincide with the food and wine fest.

Yeah. They are going to have a GREAT time!


2 responses to “She’s So Excited!

  1. YEEEEESSSSSS!!! Is she traveling the same time as me?

  2. So, will you be joining her? Seems right up your alley with F&W, and you’re not working next year, right?! There must be room for you to crash on their floor or something! And you have an AP!

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