Vegas Wins

So I came out here…

And waited ten minutes at the pool bar for the one woman working to make me a drink.

I then took said drink and my book and found a pool ledge to sit on. I was having a lovely time for a good five minutes before a lifeguard came up and told me–very nicely in true Disney fashion–that due to Florida state law, all drinks must be 6 feet from the pool.

If you do not like foul language, you may want to avert your eyes…ahem…

Are you fucking kidding me? People pay $400 a night to stay somewhere they can’t relax in the pool with a drink?

My husband is going to be so bummed when he gets to Universal. Pool drinking was our plan for our entire stay.

Shit. Vegas totally wins.


8 responses to “Vegas Wins

  1. That sucks! I’ve always had an adult bev in the jacuzzi. Then again, we like to sneak down there LATE at night when we have the pool all to ourselves. If they are afraid people might spill their drinks, then they need to keep kids out of the pool too because they keep pooping in them. Happened at Poly AND POFQ. ugh!

    • Oh good–so I’m not the only one whose mind went there first. I’m sure those kids are ‘spilling’ much worse things than mojito in that pool!

      An it’s not like I wa holding my drink and splashing around. I was calmly sitting on the edge of the pool with a book (that I was also easily managing to keep out of the pool!)

  2. OH My R U Serious that really sucks…..I agree w/ Jennie622…..

  3. Lisa Fredsbo

    I know!!!! Isn’t that ridicous!!!!! That’s when you want to get about 8 straws and bind them all together – put the drink at the chair, butt on the pool ledge and sip away!!!! Problem solved!!!! Lol! 😉

  4. I love Lisa’s idea… the mental picture I just had from it was straight out of one of those Goofy cartoons (you know where he learns how to ski or play baseball or something)? I don’t know why I made that link in my head…

    Maybe that’s the reason why Goofy is so goofy?? Maybe he’s had one too many mojitos in the sun.

  5. For Real? How come I haven’t read this anywhere? This should be on a top 10 warning list or something. I was looking forward to a few adult bevs by the pool in Sept.

    Lisa I like your suggestion! Put it to the man

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