We’re Outta Here!

After doing the Safari, shopping, watching Lion King, Tough to be a Bug, and Nemo and hitting the single rider line for Everest, we decided we wanted to eat and swim. So back to the resort we go. But not before snapping a few photos…

…I’ve already taken over 400–and I’ll be here for five more days!

Here’s hoping the parks are crowded but the pool is not. If this is what a 5 out of 10 crowd level looks like, I’d hate to see a 10.

And if this is what the weather is like in May, I hate to experience August!!!

To the pool…!


One response to “We’re Outta Here!

  1. If you decide to go back to a park after a break, try Epcot. It has EMH tomorrow, so it should be pretty empty this evening.

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