Do I Look Hot?

Because I am hot. So hot I can’t even stand my purse strap. I’ve fashioned a makeshift fanny pack. Yes, I’ve sunk that low. By Sunday I’ll be wearing a bra with straps with a spaghetti strap tank. Ok–no–I won’t ever do that. Mainly because it won’t make me less hot. Whew!


4 responses to “Do I Look Hot?

  1. Oh no I better pack some spray fan’s…….for the baby otherwise he will be so miserable……

  2. Hah!! By the time you leave, you’re going to be a lobster-colored tourist wearing a fanny pack, flagrantly showing off your bra straps. You’ll probably even have underwear lines showing and spend most of the day complaining about expensive everything is.

  3. cute necklace!!

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