On Comments

I am very much enjoying everyone’s comments–pleas keep commenting! However, please do not be offended that I frequently do not comment back. It is terrible blog manners I know, but it is much more difficult to reply to a comment on an iPhone than it is to write a post. But please keep commenting–your comments make me feel like I’m on a big group trip (and give me something to read whilst waiting for all of the many things one must wait for in WDW!)

To answer some questions, no, I didn’t have my morning cupcake…yet. I’m waiting for World Showcase to open and making a beeline for Norway. School bread here I come!

And no, I’m not coming back with my mom. She’s bringing her husband (not my dad) and that would be strange. Though it is killing me to not take advantage of the discount. I could do a solo trip in early October. How much could CSR cost with a 40% discount, right?

I’m definitely thinking about it.

Anyone want to come along??? Like, literally–not virtually!


7 responses to “On Comments

  1. I love you even though you’re completely ignoring me. Sniff.

    And, like literally, you know when I’ll be down there. And you know I would love to spend some time together. 🙂

  2. Hey – I’ll be there Sept. 30 – Oct. 5. If you fly solo, let me know!

  3. I’d rather you enjoy WDW with your mom than comment to blog responses from those of us sitting at desks, wishing we were there!

  4. Make sure you book dates that include Oct 6-9!!! Can’t believe your Mom did the Orange side of mission space!

    • Those dates are blacked out (of course). I’ve decided to just wait and see. I’m thinking my next trip will involve staying off site–more on why later.

  5. Mike found a 5K and half marathon wine and dine through Magic Kingdom on October 1 of this year…he sent it as incentive for me to keep up with the 5K training…

    • Do it! I met a very nice woman at the bar on Saturday night. Her wife was running the animal kingdom 5K and she was about to go meet her there for open bar and after hours park time–which sounds awesome. There was also some sort of obstacle course involved…?

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