Well…the plan was to stay until illuminations. The new plan is this…

…that’s us, hot and exhausted, on the bs back to the resort. The new plan is pool and then dinner at Boma.

As a side note, it is surprisingly difficult to give away wine in WDW. We offered our half used wine walk to a dozen people at Sunshine Seasons, and didn’t get past the ‘do you drink wine’ question. They all said no.

Who doesn’t drink wine???


4 responses to “Uncle!

  1. So even though this isn’t a research trip… you can say that you need to know where everyone’s breaking point is and know when to say when.

    I tried to give away Splash Mountain fast passes (when the wait time was 60+ minutes) and no one would take them, so I feel your pain on the wine walk.

  2. People can be so strange about taking things!! And, in this case, you couldn’t even offer them to teenagers!

  3. What?!!? I would’ve most certainly said YES to wine!!

  4. Must have been the heat

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