On My Way!

In the cab, on my way to Universal!

I’m glad I can stop contemplating Epcot! Whew!


4 responses to “On My Way!

  1. Have a nice relaxing afternoon!!! Enjoy a nice cold adult beverage…..but not too close to the pool!!!! 😉
    Then start on that TR!!! Just kidding…..maybe! 🙂
    Have a great time!

    • Actually, I told my mom I’d upload and send her all of our photos before her plane lands! Ha! And I will work on at least part of a trip report. Doing it all after I return will be way too overwhelming.

      I usually blog whilst traveling–on my normal blog via netbook each night–but there’s no easy Internet in Disney hotels, so I don’t. But I’d hate to forget all of the details…though that may not be possible with 600 photos!

  2. I think if you stay on DVC pts you have free internet (although I’m not sure if it’s wireless or not but I don’t think it is).

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