Transition Day

Today my mom leaves and my husband arrives–9 hours apart. Right now my mom is packing…

…and I’m already packed, minus a few items I hand washed that refuse to dry, likely due to the 110% humidity.

I’m not sure what I want to do today. Do I leave here at noon and go to Universal? Do I give my backpack to bell services and do a Disney park to kill time? It’s supposed to be 97 degrees today–I’m not sure what my best option is.



4 responses to “Transition Day

  1. If you go to a park, you’ll find pretty low crowds today everywhere but AK.

    How are you holding up? It might be nice to just relax by the pool if you’re tired. If not … I’d totally go solo in the parks. 🙂

    • Drat! That’s where I was thinking of going! A day of rest sounds nice–perhaps I’ll just go to Universal, check in, and sit by the pool. Maybe pay for Internet…ah, Internet on a real computer (well, a netbook anyway) sounds great. I could start planning my next trip!

  2. I’d go with the pool option I think. Maybe the lifeguards at the Univeral hotels aren’t as quick to enforce the 6 feet from the pool rule?! (Or maybe you can find yourself some kind of less obvious “water bottle”?)

    • While I am going with the pool plan, I’ll likely not be drinking. If I get to the pool by 2:00…and my husband doesn’t arrive until 9:30…that could be bad! Welcome to your vacation honey–said the slurring wife! Ha!

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