The husband is on the ground at MCO. He just has to find the driver, make a quick stop for wine, and he’s here!

My new concern is dinner. There is no way he will be here before 9:30. Here’s hoping we can find food somewhere at that hour. Disney goes to sleep right around then–Boma went from hopping to desolate last night right around 9:45. Same for anywhere outside of any major metro area, including our local bar–the kitchen closes at 10. Hmm. Thinking about it now, I’m even more concerned!

This is me crossing my fingers.


3 responses to “Waiting

  1. Isn’t there a lot of bars at City Walk? How far is it from your hotel to City Walk?

  2. Domino’s delivers late!

  3. I’m not sure how far it is but I think it is pretty far, as you can’t see it from here. We would have to take the boat, as I’m thinking the husband won’t be up for a hike. Hopefully the on site pizza place will still be open–or I guess we could order pizza, but I’ve never done that from a resort before.

    He just called and is on his grocery stop. I’m going to walk to the main building and stop along the way to inquire about food. Update to come!

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