About Me

Thanks for visiting Virtual Passenger!  First, please know that the purpose of this blog is to allow others to follow me on my travels in real time.  As I will be posting from ‘remote locations’ (you know, like in line for Splash Mountain), I will be doing so solely on my iPhone.  Please excuse any grammar or spelling typos.  I’m an English teacher and a perfectionist, so they will bother me, too!  I apologize in advance–it is a really little keyboard!

Want to get to know me?  Read on!

After teaching public school for many years, I’ve decided to combine all of my life’s passions–travel, writing, and teaching–into one harmonious lifestyle.  Well…at least I hope it will be harmonious!

To this end, I am working on a proposal for a book that makes the best use of all of my skills, talents, and experiences.  Visit The World is Your Classroom for more details and to participate in the creation of the book.  If you simply cannot wait, please visit my educational travel blog The Suitcase Scholar, which will feature stories and advice for educational travel, with several Disney World lessons soon to come.

Additionally, beginning in June of 2011, The Suitcase Scholar will document my more-than-a-year long journey around the country–and, likely, parts of the world–in order to help others see the educational value in every vacation destination.

I’ve also maintained a fairly extensive (read:  obsessive) traditional travel blog for the past two years.  Visit Blog on the Run to read of my adventures, past and present.


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