Waiting for our wine tour in the courtyard of our hotel. Absolutely beautiful day.

Vineyard pics to come!


Not a Waste; Not Wasted

I did not have the greatest day. This occurred for many reasons, but one part is probably the fact that I didn’t have any real food all day. So instead of heading across town to meet my friend for lots of drinking and a late dinner, I’m here. At a little French restaurant half a block from my hotel.

And after I drink my wine and eat my way too many courses, I shall return to my room, write for a bit, and go to sleep early.

I will not view the evening as a waste. I will view it as a way of saving my day tomorrow.

See–I’m growing as a person. Now if you’ll excuse me, my soup has arrived.

Fear of Bridges

Mentally preparing to drive over this tomorrow. I realize many people would look forward to such a thing; most people don’t have an all consuming fear of bridges an tunnels.

I mean, I’m not scared of it now, from here. I don’t think it is going to get me or something. I just don’t like driving over them. Passenging is ok–because I can close my eyes!

My Plan for the Day–Green Wandering

Bus or walk towards the green parts on the map. After some initial being lost and wandering, it started to work out.

Going to Jail

And very happy about it apparently!

Sea Lions

I’m not positive but I think it is a law that all tourists come here. The pier looks like tourism threw up–but these guys are cute. And loud.

Hotel des Arts

Have I mentioned that my hotel is awesome? People complaining about it on review sites often name ‘lack of closet space’ as one of their many complaints. Really? That’s a problem? Because I’m fine with this.